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Best Sewing Machine Sewing Machine Reviews

Hi, I’m Bridget, welcome to my Best Sewing Machine site and Sewing Machine Reviews blog. I think sewing stuff is just about the best pastime ever, and useful too, don’t you think? Nowadays with electronic and computerized sewing machines, life is so much easier. I have electronic sewing machines reviews and other home sewing machines reviews in my blog. I hope you find my blog and sewing machine reviews helpful in your search for a most suitable sewing machine.

sewing machine review

I’ve been sewing stuff for years and years and used many models of sewing machines. I always give the old ones away(they weren’t really that old but I outgrew them fast) or trade them in when I upgrade to something new.

They can also be sold second hand if they’re still in one piece (ninety percent are, unless you make a habit of throwing them onto the floor) and working fine.

How to Choose the Best Sewing Machine

Now, I didn’t say it was an easy thing to choose the best sewing machine. You need to know what you want now, and plan ahead for what you might want in a year or two. It could be that you only want to sew hubby’s trousers hems now, but suddenly you find that you want to take up embroidery as a hobby.

Bear in mind that you can always upgrade to something fancy later on as long as your budget allows. A few important things to think about to help you start in your purchase are:

  1. Type of work/function First things first, decide what you want your sewing machine for. I wouldn’t recommend buying a sewing machine with all the fancy functions if you aren’t going to use them; it’ll be such a waste of money.
  2. Person using it – If you’re buying the sewing machine as a gift, find out what features suit the person you’re giving it too.
  3. Portability – How heavy should your machine be?

Read more about how to choose the best sewing machine here.

Best Sewing Machine Reviews

These are the best sewing machines I feel worth recommending to you folks who love sewing.

  • Best Basic Sewing Machine It’s basic and it’s cheap, good for those who sew only occasionally.
  • Best Value Electronic Sewing Machine Good value for the price!
  • Best Budget Computerized Sewing Machine Computerized sewing machine at a budget price.
  • Best quilting sewing machine Comes with plenty of good quilting features, definitely choose this if you’re quilting heavily!
  • Best user friendly sewing machine Highly recommended for beginners to intermediate users with some cash to spare.

For more reviews, click here to go to my Sewing Machine Reviews Blog.

Best Sewing Machine – What Else Should I Know

I have been sewing since my mother taught me how on her very ancient sewing machine. All that experience plus researching each time I buy a new sewing machine must have made me an expert, yes?

My Best Sewing Machine Top Picks

Here are the models recommended by brand and model name. It is often a tough decision choosing between the two major competitors in sewing machines Brother and Singer. I personally have used both brands and they were both good.

Read more sewing machines reviews and guide posts in my Best Sewing Machine Reviews Blog. With all these information and tips I hope you will be able to find the right sewing machine for your needs. Very soon you might even be making clothes for your childrens dolls! Happy shopping for the best sewing machine!

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